Community Management Strategy


Six months into the legalization of cannabis in Canada, Solei wanted to outline a strategy and specific action plans to build a relationship with their current audience to drive brand affinity and grow followers on social media.


  • Breaking the stigma around cannabis stereotypes among our audience.
  • Growing followers with legal restrictions.


Solei audience strive to lead a healthy, wellness-focused lifestyle.


  • Manage the community
  • Generate consumer insights
  • Social listening
  • Category audit
  • Build relationship with the audience through reactive and proactive engagement
  • Create content
  • Community management reports weekly/monthly/quarterly


We found a shared interest between what the brand wants to talk about and what the consumer cares about: "The stresses of everyday life. We all have those days. We get it. We’re here to help you see things in a new light."

We introduced four content pillars:


  • Practical Needs – anxiety, sleep, stress
  • Emotional Support – demonstrate support, long and rough day, Solei Unplug will help you etc.


  • Product Education – strains and usage
  • Sustainability– eco-friendly, energy efficient

Execute these pillars with:

  • Warm voice
  • Thoughtful personality
  • Transparent, accessible and knowledgeable language

RESULTS (May '19 - Sept '19)

0.7% increase in Engagement Rate

11% increase in positive sentiment across all channels

120% increase in User Generated Content

70% increase in followers

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