Old El Paso

XM Social Strategy


OEP was experiencing stagnant metrics for in-home taco kit sales, and they were looking for a program to engage their customers to show them how easy and fun taco night could be.


Key consumer barriers:

  • They never have the right ‘classic’ Mexican ingredients on hand — that guac is a challenge.
  • It’s too much food for a one- or two-person household.


Consumers think tacos are for special occasions and not an everyday family meal choice.


Social strategy for the XM activation;

  • Awareness / Pre-launch
  • Engagement on social / Launch
  • Remind / Post-event
  • Incremental Launch Amplification


Taco night doesn’t have to be perfect to be perfect. Leveraging the current campaign, we can engage our connection creators with the fun, ease and laughter that taco night creates. The emerging taco culture is all about creativity — no guac? No problem! Taco night is a fast, spontaneous meal with no room for boredom that brings the whole family together. Togetherness is happiness.


  • Personalized targeted ads on social to create excitement for the event, the contest and the prizes.
  • Ads will also be inviting people to follow / sign-up to the newsletter to get an alert when the event is live.


  • Communicate the campaign message and the contest.
  • The social content will focus on looking at “your kitchen” and reimagining what a taco can be with all the unique ingredients you can find.
  • Partnering up with @toreats, @to_finest and @blogto to drive awareness and traffic to the XM event.


  • Repost amazing submissions to further drive brand awareness.
  • Promote the online recipe book, made from the rethink taco recipes created by consumers.
  • Share captured content from the XM activation.
  • Incremental – Partnerships with Canadian TacoFests that can’t run due to the pandemic and work together to create TacoFest at home, helping rethink what a taco (and TacoFest) can be.
  • Taco recipe content series - tacos created with the available or unusual ingredients in your fridge.
  • Ongoing social engagement
    • Offer coupon codes.
    • Invitations to special events.

BuzzFeed Content

“10 imperfect tacos that make you rethink what a taco can be”

The article will funnel into inviting people to share their taco creations under #RethinkTacoNight on Instagram for a chance to win one of the OEP Taco Night prize packs.

Point-of-Sale Comm

Shelf hang tags, standees, etc. inspiring people to participate right at point of purchase.


They will get the ball rolling by looking in their own kitchens and taking the challenge, encouraging their followers to participate.

Create custom coupon codes for influencers, or allow them to run a mini competition and awarding their followers with OEP Taco Night prize packs.


Pandemic put a pause on the project.

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